Experience six days of rejuvenation in tropical paradise
with Rashia Bell and Hope McGrath.

Invigorate your senses . ignite your energy . indulge in wellness.

MAY 30 - June 5, 2021
Six Nights


The Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat offers you the following…

Recharge, Renew, Rest, Heal
  • Luxuriate in tropical paradise at a beautiful oceanfront, nature-filled eco-resort
  • Experience radical personal transformation through multiple healing modalities
  • Private Premium Life Coaching Sessions with Hope
  • Energy Balancing Crystal Healing Sessions with Rashia
  • Daily meditation & mindfulness teachings for an elevated peace of mind
  • Participate in empowering coaching workshops designed to ignite clarity, practice self-love, dream big, set goals and invite positive change
  • Learn tools and engage in rituals for heart-centered healing and personal growth
  • Experience The Healing Powers Of Sacred Ceremonies With Colombian Shamans
  • Indulge In A Healthy, Delicious, Gourmet Menu Consisting Of Locally Sourced Fruits And Vegetables Accompanied By Freshly Caught Fish And Lean Proteins Showcasing The Flavors Of This Region

Sample Excursions Include:

  • Sailing Through Caribbean Waters Surrounding The Lush Tayrona Park. Swim, Snorkel, Lounge And Enjoy Sunset Views During A Perfect Beach Day
  • Hiking Through Indigenous Mountains To Swim In The Healing Sacred Waters Of The Sierra Nevadas
Restore, Improve, Rebuild



Hope McGrath is a Transformational Coach, Producer and Host of her podcast Radiant Mix. As one who is a catalyst for change, she is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who combines her love of psychology, spirituality, wellness, fashion, culture and social consciousness into her work. Through her coaching practice, Hope develops sacred relationships with women, and a few select men, who feel stagnant and have a strong desire to make a seismic shift towards busting down blocks in their love life, creative expression and professional aspirations.

Hope McGrath utilizes her unique blend of intuitive healing, mindfulness practices and coaching for a holistic approach encompassing awareness of body, mind, soul and spirit to bring clients into alignment. Hope has a Psychology degree, is a Certified Professional Coach accredited by The International Coach Federation (IFC) and a practitioner of Engaged Buddhism. Hope's sole intention is to support radical transformation to reflect our true power, creativity and authenticity. She is a Brooklyn-based mom to a fantastic teen and wife of a visionary artist. Her newly launched Radiant Mix podcast, celebrates life from the mixed, multiracial experience.  

For more information, check out www.hopemcgrath.com

Rashia Bell

Energetic Interior Designer and Crystal Healer Rashia Bell, is the co-founder of THE CRISTALLINE, a multi-faceted lifestyle company that works to help you create balance within all areas of your life.

After more than ten years working on the business side of Fashion, Beauty, Jewelry and Luxury industries for companies such as Mikimoto, Vivre, and Monique Péan, Rashia found her creative outlet and expressive voice through Interior Design. A graduate of both the Fashion Institute of Technology and the New York School of Interior Design she has also completed two Crystal Healing Certifications by the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, is a Level 2 Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer and has completed yoga certifications in English and Spanish.

Rashia has taken a uniquely holistic approach to the spaces she transforms for THE CRISTALLINE, by incorporating the energetic and healing powers of crystals and stones into her Interiors. The foundation for this design process is specializing in personal healing work, where Rashia has lead workshops for all ages, private events and retreats around the world. Her work is to show her clients how to find balance within themselves and greater encompassing the spaces they inhabit.

Rashia is currently a resident healer at the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, and works with selection of their other properties including the recently opened Four Seasons Philadelphia at Comcast Center. At this new property, The Cristalline installed over 700lbs of crystals in the structure of the spa to enhance and create a mindful experience. The Cristalline has done custom product collaborations with Onda Beauty, Pamela Love, Sefte, & Fitness brands Equinox & Pure Yoga. Most recently, they launched an exclusive activewear crystal collaboration with luxury retailer Carbon38. Rashia & The Cristalline have recently been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Net-a-Porter and Goop.

For more information, check out thecristalline.com

"I reconnected with my inner  goddess and had 31 revelations in Colombia"



Escape to Playa Koralia, a coastline eco-resort outside of Santa Marta, Colombia, surrounded by lush palm trees, healing waters, the soaring Sierra Nevada mountains and all of the tropical beauty of this region. Rashia selected this location and property for it’s healing and grounding energy, as this area is a part of the sacred territory for the ancient Tayrona people. The Kogi’s, their descendants have indigenous communities that still reside in these lush mountains, so it is the perfect place to connect back to nature.

This retreat is about personal transformation, not to be confused with a yoga or fitness retreat.

This experience awakens all of the senses by surrounding yourself with nature’s tropical beauty, you shift your energetic pathways.  The energetic transition is full of spiritual enlightenment, self-reflection & heart-centered healing, assisted by the power of crystal healing and Buddhist mindfulness practices. The final phase is letting go of all your baggage in the indigenous Colombian spiritual rituals.

indigenous ceremony AND ENERGY HEALING SERVICEs

We are so excited to have our incredible healing ceremonies and luxurious ocean-side spa services for the life-changing spiritual experiences and pure relaxation.

The Purification Ceremony offered is presided over by the spiritual leader, The Mamo of Arhuaco; an indigenous community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This once-in-a-lifetime ceremony is one of identifying, naming and then burning the obstacles that block intentions, allowing them to be crystallized in their pure form; freeing you for tomorrow's New Sunrise.  Trust us, these experiences with Colombian indigeneous spiritual teachers and elders are unforgettable!

Retreat Spa Services include:

  • Relaxing Therapeutic Massages and Shiatsu Massages Reiki
  • Luxurious full-body mud treatments
  • Sea Salt Therapy Decadent Facials
  • Foot Spa Baths & Reflexology

    Enjoy these experiences while listening to the ocean waves and feeling a beautiful warm breeze. Relaxation and rejuvenation to the max!

* Please note, spa Services are an additional cost.



Hotel Playa Koralia

Each uniquely designed private bungalow exudes tropical relaxation with tall weaved palm ceilings, most with ocean or river views. Open-air bathrooms are covered in mosaic tiles. Relax on outdoor terraces with hammocks overlooking lush tropical gardens. It can’t get better than this.



7:30am - 9:00am Breakfast

9:15am - 11:30am     Tropical Visioning Workshop with Hope - A powerful visioning experience with life reflections leads to clarity and insights.

11:30am - 12:00pm   Free-Time

12:00pm - 12:45pm   Movement with Rashia  

1:00pm - 2:00pm  Lunch 

2:00pm -   5:00pm   Free-Time

5:00pm -   6:00pm     Crystal Healing with Rashia 

6:00pm -   7:00pm     Free-Time

7:00pm -   9:00pm     Dinner

*Throughout your retreat you can expect rejuvenating day excursions such as visiting sacred pools, mindful hikes in lush forests, downtime to read or enjoy a spa treatment, and a variety of transformational experiences.

Retreat costs include:

  • All meals and accommodations
  • All excursions, activities, and workshops
  • Airport Transfers to and from Santa Marta International Airport (SMR) and the property
  • All tips for group services

Powerful, Radiant, Goddess


Peaceful, Hopeful, Reenergized

Our retreat costs do not include:

  • Flights to and from your home city to Santa Marta or nearby Cartagena or Baranquilla airports (Once you confirm your reservation, suggested flight itineraries will be provided.)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Any other sightseeing or extra meals during your personal free time
  • Spa treatments & tips on spa services and private healing sessions with Shaman Serena Ferro.


There are three airport options to Playa Koralia:

  • Santa Marta's National Airport: 1 hour drive
  • Barranquilla International Airport: 2.5 hour drive
  • Cartagena International Airport: 5 hour drive

We offer assistance with coordinating transport to and from the Santa Marta airport.   Once you confirm your reservation, suggested flight itineraries will be provided.

Please note, airfare and travel costs are not included in the retreat rate.

The Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself if you:

  • Love to travel and experience new cultures
  • Enjoy being in a nature-filled surroundings
  • Are intrigued with the power of personal development work
  • Seek new and life-long friendships
  • Are open to spiritual enlightenment practices and new experiences
  • Are daring (or want to be! )
  • Know you desperately need a wellness getaway
  • Believe you deserve to treat yourself and know you are worth investing in your well-being
  • For all inquiries, Email:  info@hopemcgrath.com


Image Image Image
“Eye -opening, relaxation, self-discovery and friendship are how I would describe the Tropical Transformation Retreat. It was such profound journey within myself…rediscovery of strength, a connection with Mother Earth and supportive friendships. All of these things make me feel so fortunate and remind me of how beautiful life is. What surprised me is that I got out of my comfort zone many times and actually, it was ok! This now allows me to take more risks in life.” - N.W.

“The Tropical Transformation retreat feels grounding, relaxing, energizing, and enlightening. I was looking to reconnect with my goddess energy, and take a step out of my life to reassess my priorities. There you are able to reconnect with your true purpose, to recalibrate your future, on your terms, and meet like minded people.” - C.S.

“Relaxing, enlightening, inspiring, luxurious are how I would describe the Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat. I wanted to be in a space where I can focus on myself. Over the past few years I have been opening up spiritually and I figured going to a retreat like this would give me the space and time to be with my own thoughts. I was surprised that a person like myself who loves being pampered and living in hotels was brave enough to rough it a little bit.” - C.H.

“Peaceful, hopeful, reenergized, powerful are how I would describe this retreat. I needed a mental and physical check out which would allow me to take time for me and reconnect with myself. I have been feeling amazing since the experience.” - R.S.


We added a night to our retreat this year, to give you even more rest and rejuvenation!

Single Occupancy

Indulge in a private room all to yourself

$3450. Deposit $1725, Final payment due April 30th, 2021.

Pay Deposit

Pay in Full Now (Save $100) 

Pay In Full


Shared Double Occupancy

(1 Queen, 1 Twin), Price per guest. If you don’t have a friend to bring, we’ll pair you with a new one!

$3050. Deposit $1525, Final payment due April 30th, 2021

Pay Deposit
Pay in Full Now (Save $100) 
Pay In Full


Shared Triple Occupancy

(3 Single Beds), Price Per Guest If you don’t have a friend to bring, we’ll pair you with two new ones!

$2650. Deposit $1325, Final payment due April 30th, 2021

Pay Deposit

Pay in Full Now (Save $100) 

Pay In Full


We are so excited for you to join us for our incredible Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat.  Get ready to unwind, decompress, have wild adventures with new friends and lounge in tropical nature. The Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat offers you to experience healing of your mind, body and soul. Join us and you are sure to go home with a fresh new lease on life.


Cancellation Policy

Deposits or payment in full, secure your spot on the Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat.

Nobody books a retreat with the intention of canceling it, but unexpected events do occur, so we highly advise the purchase of  travel insurance.

We understand that these are unprecedented times, and that travel restrictions are unpredictable during this Covid-19 pandemic, and oftentimes out of our hands. Any Covid-19 related refunds necessary due to travel restrictions as a result of border closures, flight grounding, or hotel closures due to Covid-19 will be granted once documentation has been provided and you will receive a 100% refund.  If you personally test Positive for Covid-19 prior to the trip that results in a cancellation of your trip, you will receive - 100% refund upon receipt of a doctors note. We cannot offer 100% refunds due to Covid-19 illness of another family remember. In that instance the refund schedule below will apply.

Once payment has been confirmed, you have 7 days to request a full-refund on your payment for any reason.  
Any non-Covid-19 related cancellations requesting refund prior to April 30th (but after the 7 day grace period), will receive a refund less a $750 programming fee.

All non-Covid-19 cancellations after April 30th will receive a refund of 50% of the total retreat cost.  Exceptions on the refund terms above, will not be made for any reason including: weather, non-Covid-19 illness/injury, or personal emergencies.  

No refunds or credits will be granted for failure to attend, complete, or for arriving late or leaving early from the retreat unless communicated and approved at the time of the reservation booking.

*Questions about room options, travel planning, or just what to expect in general? Please reach out to us at info@hopemcgrath.com  as we'd love to connect with you and share more about your retreat experience!